The State buys virtually every product or service that a public entity might need to conduct their business or carry out their mission:
  • Products include copy paper, pencils and personal computers; vehicles, tires and fuel; building materials; medical supplies and food products; and thousands of others.
  • Services include trade persons for general repair and maintenance, like electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths; financial professionals, like actuaries, accountants, statisticians; human resource professionals, like temporary staff, foreign language interpreters, trainers; legal professionals, like tax attorney, court reporters, and title examiners; and numerous others.

Under procurement laws, solicitations resulting in Statewide contracts are:

  • Required for use by every Executive Branch department in Massachusetts; and,

  • Available for use by every eligible public entity within the borders of Massachusetts, and in most cases allow purchasing by other states.

All Statewide contracts organized in relation to a dozen such as Facilities, Food/Groceries Supply and Services, or Office Equipment, Supply and Services.

To find out if the state seeks to purchase under a Statewide contract what you are selling, please use the Comm-PASS Search for Solicitations engine and check the For Statewide Contract box.

To find out if other agencies or political sub-divisions seek to purchase what you are selling under their own, non-statewide contracts please use the Comm-PASS Browse All Open Solicitations functionality.