Executive Departments must award contracts for Small Procurements (total value of less than or equal to $150,000) to SBPP-participating small business bidders (1) if a response is received from an eligible small business and (2) if their response meets the Department’s specifications/requirements.  While all businesses interested in bidding on these Small Procurements may do so, it is the intention of the SBPP to only evaluate bids received from and to award a contract to an SBPP-participating bidder that meets the Department’s specifications/requirements.  An award may only be made to a non-SBPP eligible bidder if there are no responses received from a registered eligible small business or if responses received from a registered eligible small business do not meet the requirements of the Small Procurement.

While Large Procurements (greater than $150,000) may also be awarded to SBPP-participating small business bidders, there is no requirement or preference that such contracts must be awarded to SBPP-participating small businesses.  For additional information and requirements about this program, please consult OSD’s Small Business Purchasing Program webpage at www.mass.gov/sbpp.

Required Notification Language for Bids:  Executive Departments must include the following language in their bids when procuring non-construction goods and services total value of less than or equal to $150,000:

This is a small procurement targeted to small businesses participating in the Commonwealth's Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP). The Department intends to evaluate bid responses from and to award a contract to a SBPP-participating business(es) who submit a bid that meets or exceeds the solicitation criteria only. Subcontracting in these types of procurements is limited to no more than 20% of the value of the contract, unless it is with another SBPP registered participant. If determined that there is inadequate SBPP capacity, or no SBPP-participating vendors provide a responsive bid, the Department will evaluate and award bid responses received from non-SBPP businesses. To determine eligibility and to participate in the SBPP, please review the requirements and general program information at www.mass.gov/sbpp.

Additional SBPP Resources: