• Commonwealth Print Services

    A One-Stop Shop offering a complete range of document printing services.
  • Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Procurement Program

    EPPs help the Commonwealth use its purchasing power to reduce the environmental and public health impact of state government and stimulate market demand for green products and services.  From this site, you can find information about the benefits of EPPs, the many statewide contracts currently in place that offer these goods and services, case studies, guides, reports, tools, and information on upcoming events focused on EPPs.
  • Non-Profit Purchasing Programs

    Purchase of Service Providers are eligible to purchase off of Statewide Contracts if your organization's name appears on the Eligible Providers list. Check it out.
  • Office of Audit and Quality Assurance

    OSD's Office of Audit and Quality Assurance (AQA) supports contracted vendors and departments in achieving and maintaining compliance with state regulations under the following audit and review functions.

  • Office of Vehicle Management (OVM)

    Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) is to provide vehicles and services which offer the best value for the Commonwealth. The OVM program is mandated for use by Commonwealth departments. As such, this program is not available to the the general public.
  • Outreach Program

    The Operational Services Division (OSD) provides outreach services to two distinct audiences: public buyers and the vendor community. The Team attends business trade shows, events, and meetings to educate both Buyers and Vendors/Businesses about OSD and to encourage participation in the agency’s programs and services.

  • Supplier Diversity Office (SDO)

  • Surplus Property Program

    Departments must periodically assess their inventories of equipment, supplies, and materials with the exclusion of land and buildings. Surplus property includes, but is not limited to, office equipment and furniture, clothing, vehicles, and building materials that exceed departmental need. Learn more.
  • Special Education Pricing

    The Operational Services Division sets the tuition prices for M.G.L. approved private special education programs for purchase by cities and towns and Commonwealth departments.
  • SaveSmart Program

    Achieve "Greater Savings on Statewide Contracts" with $ave$mart

    The OSD $ave$mart Program is a partnership between OSD and Statewide Contact Vendors to create additional cost savings and opportunities for all eligible entities utilizing Statewide Contracts. These opportunities could be in the form of reduction in cost for a limited time, free training opportunities, and other offerings. If you are a Statewide Contract vendor who would like to obtain additional information about participating in the $ave$mart Program, please email your Strategic Sourcing Services Lead (SSSL) for details.