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Environmentally Preferable Products and Services Guide docx format of EPP Product Guide 2017
: This guide provides up-to-date details on existing state contracts for EPPs, including contract terms, vendor names and numbers, and pricing, when available. In addition, information on how to use state contracts, tips on writing green specs, definitions, and model buy recycled policies are included.


EPP Products and Services Quick List docx format of EPP Products and Services Quick List
: A quick alphabetical listing of EPP products ad services, including the name of the contract, the Sourcing Lead and contact information, in addition to the contract expiration date taken from the Environmentally Preferable Products and Services Guide.

Flyer - Recycling Possibilities on Statewide Contract pdf format of EPP Recycling Flyer
file size 2MB docx format of                             EPP Recycling Flyer - Text Only

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MA EPP Program Annual Reports:

These reports highlight the accomplishments of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Environmentally Preferable Products Procurement Program:


Toxics Reduction Task Force Progress Reports

These reports provide an update on the progress made by the interagency Task Force to implement the directives of Executive Order 515 pdf format of Executive Order 515 (Mass. Register # 1143)
. For more information, see Toxics Reduction Under Executive Order 515 docx format of Toxics Summary under EO51


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Case Studies


Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

These case studies highlight agency success in transitioning to remanufactured toner cartridges:


Green Cleaning


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Green Cleaning

  • Approved Green Products List for FAC85: This is an Approved List of Green Cleaning Products that contains all the products offered on the Massachusetts multi-state statewide contract FAC85:Green Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies. The purpose of this list is to assist users in finding and comparing green cleaning products, supplies, and equipment. The link will take you to the Master MBPO for FAC85 in COMMBUYS where all contract documents are located, and choose the file titled “FAC85 Approved Products List”.  NOTE: If there are any discrepancy in pricing between this list and the pricing indicated for a vendor on COMMBUYS.
  • Attachment A: Mandatory Specifications and Desirable Criteria for FAC85 docx format of Attachment A FAC85 Mandatory Spec & Desirable Criteria
:  The FAC85 sourcing team developed mandatory specifications and desirable criteria for all products offered on FAC85.  For a product to be listed, it must meet these environmentally preferable specifications.  
  • How to Use Massachusetts Contracts for Pollution Prevention in Schools doc format of osd_p2_guide_schools.doc
: Designed to help schools tap into the resources established by OSD to help schools comply with the key environmental, health and safety regulations and help schools go beyond compliance and make significant strides towards making their environment a healthier place for the students.
  • Cleaning For Healthy Schools – Infection Control Handbook (2010): Designed to help develop and implement effective infection-control practices while minimizing the use of, and exposure to, toxic products.  It is intended to be used by school personnel, including facility managers, head custodians, administrators, nurses, and purchasing agents, when customizing their school program. 
  • Contacts and Resources docx format of Green Cleaning Resources
: Additional Green Cleaning information and resources.


Remanufactured Toner Cartridges:




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Additional Contacts

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