Have a green product or service that you think would qualify; to be on one of the Commonwealth’s contracts? Are you an existing vendor and want to offer more green products, or you want to find out how to market your products to eligible entities?



I have a product I believe is an EPP, how do I get it on state contract?

  1. Check the EPPs on Statewide Contract to see if this product, or a similar product, is already being offered on contract.
  2. If you find a contract that appears to contain similar products to the one you are offering, you often will have two choices:
    1. Upon the expiration of the contract your company must participate in the open bidding process in order to be considered for addition to the new contract;
    2. You can also contact one of the vendors currently on the contract to see if you can subcontract with them to provide your product/service. All such relationships must have the authorization of the OSD Strategic Sourcing Lead for that contract.
  3. If you do not see a related contract, or if you just have a question on how to proceed, contact the EPP Program Director at Julia.wolfe@state.ma.us to discuss your product and possible next steps.

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I am a current vendor and have an EPP I would like to add to my existing contract, what should I do?

Discuss the product with OSD Strategic Sourcing Lead and/or the EPP Program Director to learn how and when new products or services can be added to the contract. It can vary depending on the contract.

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How do I market my existing EPP product on this contract?

Statewide contracts consider environmental factors as part of the “best value” approach to purchasing goods and services. EPP vendors should create simple, easy to understand materials that clearly relay the benefits of their EPPs to customers (e.g. testimony from satisfied customers, Life Cycle Cost analysis, etc.). To get those materials into the right hands, follow some of the marketing tips provide by OSD's Training and Outreach unit.

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If my EPP product is not selling, what should I do and am I at risk of being removed from the contract?

Developing a marketing plan that sets measurable goals to better promote the sale of your EPPs is an excellent place to start. Contract vendors should discuss their proposed plan with the Strategic Sourcing Lead for the contract and/or the EPP Program Director to learn of additional strategies and opportunities.The impact of low performance on your contract status will depend upon the individual contract. Showing initiative in developing the plan indicated above can only be beneficial.

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Where do I get more information on selling products and services on state contract?

Find additional information on OSD's Sell to the State webpage.

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