With the issuance of Executive Order 515 pdf format of Executive Order 515 (Mass. Register # 1143)
, Establishing an Environmental Purchasing Policy for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a Toxics Reduction Task Force was created to help transition state government cleaning operations from using conventional, more toxic cleaning chemicals to incorporating more environmentally preferable products as specified in the statewide contracts. 

FAC85 was issued to offer a broad selection of environmentally preferable cleaning products, intended to replace the harsh chemical cleansers commonly used and includes environmentally preferable janitorial paper goods, entryway systems, equipment, trash liners, and specialty items/technologies.

The contract is a multi-state contract available to Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York,Vermont, and Rhode Island.

Third Party Certified:  All the green chemicals are required to be “Independently Third-Party Certified;” which means that the environmental claims as well as the product performance have been tested and certified by an established and legitimate, nationally-recognized certification program (the only chemicals without such certification are the disinfectants and various sanitizers, for which no certification is yet available). Contract users do not have to analyze technical data and they can be assured that the product will perform well.

Assistance:  Vendors must be capable of assisting customers with the development and implementation of a green cleaning program based on the guidelines drawn from standards generated by both cleaning industry and independent janitorial cleaning certification organizations. Vendors are also prepared to provide guidance, training and relevant materials that will enable their customers to more easily make the transition to green cleaning products and practices and track their progress and success.

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  • FAC85 Contract User Guide (scroll to FAC85): This guide provides a general summary of the contract, outlines pricing/purchase options, includes a vendor list, and reviews benefits and cost savings associated with the contract.
  • FAC85 Green Cleaning Products Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of FAC85 Fact Sheet FAQs
: This guide provides basic facts about FAC85, and answers frequently asked questions about the benefits of buying from the Statewide Contract and using green cleaning products.
  • Approved Green Products List for FAC85: This is an Approved List of Green Cleaning Products that contains all the products offered on the Massachusetts multi-state statewide contract FAC85:Green Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies. The purpose of this list is to assist users in finding and comparing green cleaning products, supplies, and equipment. The link will take you to the Master MBPO for FAC85 in COMMBUYS where all contract documents are located, and choose the file titled “FAC85 Approved Products List”.  NOTE: If there are any discrepancy in pricing between this list and the pricing indicated for a vendor on COMMBUYS .
  • Attachment A: Mandatory Specifications and Desirable Criteria for FAC85 docx format of Attachment A FAC85 Mandatory Spec & Desirable Criteria
:  The FAC85 sourcing team developed mandatory specifications and desirable criteria for all products offered on FAC85.  For a product to be listed, it must meet these environmentally preferable specifications.

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Case Studies/Fact Sheets
  • Soldiers Home pdf format of factsheelsoldhome
: This case study reviews The Chelsea Soldiers Home success in using green cleaners.
  • Cleaning The Bathrooms pdf format of Bathroomsfactsheet
: This fact sheet was created by the Toxics Reduction Task Force for the purpose of providing clear and simple guidance as well as additional resources on cleaning and disinfecting restroom facilities.
  • Bradley Palmer State Park docx format of case_study_B Palmer
pdf format of                             case_study_B PalmerP                : This case study reviews the Bradley Palmer State Park success in using green cleaners.
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