The Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Purchasing Program is administered by the Operational Services Division (OSD) with the support of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and the Department of Environmental Protection. The program's mission is to promote the purchase of EPPs to state and local agencies and departments throughout the Commonwealth for the purpose of fostering the practice of responsible purchasing choices that are cost effective and reduce the impact of such purchases on public health and the environment. To accomplish this, the program has established the following goals:

  • Increase purchases of recycled and other EPPs through expanded access to EPP statewide contracts,
  • Educate agency and municipal staff on the benefits and opportunities associated with EPPs,
  • Institutionalize EPPs procurement activities among agency personnel,
  • Improve tracking and reporting of EPP purchases, and
  • Serve as a model for government programs throughout the United States and collaborate with state governments to replicate the model.

To achieve these goals, the program works to establish statewide contracts for EPPs, conduct outreach to the environmental business community and provide educational assistance and technical expertise to state agencies and political subdivisions (including municipalities). Through its environmental procurement staff, the EPP Program offers workshops to procurement officials and cooperative purchasing organizations and sponsors an annual environmental products and services vendor fair and conference. In recent years the program staff has been particularly active in collaborating on a national level with procurement officials and other organizations interested in fostering a network and resources for responsible environmental purchasing.

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