Many opportunities exist for vendors to sell their Products to the Commonwealth. While many products and services are procured through State contracts, many others can be purchased by individual departments and/or political subdivisions. Below are various ways that vendors may promote or market products to public purchasers.

  • How to Do Business with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts This is a downloadable guide for manufacturers and suppliers of environmentally preferable products (EPPs). Learn how the state buys products and services, get step-by-step instructions on how to become a statewide contractor and how to sell to Massachusetts state agencies and other public entities.

  • Commonwealth's Procurement Access & Solicitation System (Comm-PASS)
    Stay in touch with agency and statewide Requests for Response (RFRs) and enroll to receive automatic email notifications of contract and bid activity across the state.

  • Operational Services Division
    Learn about the operations and services available from the Commonwealth's central purchasing office.

  • EPP Contacts in State Government doc format of commonwealth_of_mass_epp_contacts.doc
    Find contact information for key personnel in state government responsible for promoting the purchase and use of EPPs and other sustainable initiatives.