Achieve "Greater Savings on Statewide Contracts" With $ave$mart 

The OSD $ave$mart Program (formerly known as "Big Buy") is a partnership between OSD and Statewide Contact Vendors. The purpose of the program is to create additional cost savings and opportunities for all eligible entities utilizing Statewide Contracts. These opportunities could be in the form of reduction in cost for a limited time, free training opportunities, and other offerings.

$ave$mart is designed to benefit Eligible Entities by;

  • Reduction for a limited time on a Statewide Contract pricing for specific items
  • Available free or reduced cost training
  • Available survey of existing products
  • New Services or Products
  • Aggregate Purchasing Opportunities
  • Increasing awareness of opportunities available with Statewide Contracts
  • And More!

The following are the current program offerings, please remember that items on the $ave$mart are offered at a reduced cost for a limited time only! Go here for details: $ave$mart