Details:  Konica Minolta is offering the following “promo” pricing on the following model configurations:

    • bizhub 364e added to promo 1/16/14
    • Bizhub 454e added to promo 1/16/14
    • bizhub 654e added to promo 11/20/13
    • bizhub 754e added to promo 11/20/13
    • bizhub C224e added to promo 6/27/13
    • bizhub C364e added to promo 6/27/13
    • Bizhub C454e added to promo 6/27/13

Timeline:   Promo (original start date 5/15/2013 & end date 05/31/2013), extended from June 19, 2013 through December 31, 2013, extended again from 1/1/14 – 04/30/14. Orders must be received by 05/15/14, with an order date prior to the expiration of the promo 04/30/14.

Contact Information: 

Scott Massey


For Further Details: The promotion is posted on our Comm-PASS site at under the "Vendor" tab for the OFF32 contract. Or visit 

Strategic Sourcing Services Lead:
Maryellen Osborne