The Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office is pleased to announce their participation in the New England Interstate Certification Program (NE ICP)

The agreement is entered into by: Connecticut Department of Transportation; Maine Department of Transportation; Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office; New Hampshire Department of Transportation; Rhode Island Minority Business Enterprise Compliance Office; and the Vermont Agency of Transportation. This MOA sets forth the process for the Parties for all DBE Interstate Certification Requests from all UCPs. The Parties encourage all UCPs to join this MOA and sign onto this agreemnet.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) accepts DBE Certification applications from other States; any firm applying for Interstate Certification in Massachusetts must be initially certified in their home state and have undergone a site visit from a certifying governmental agency within their home state. While this agreement simplifies the certification process for out-of state applicants, it is nor a pure quid pro quo.

Candidates must meet all requirements for certification; including completing the Interstate Certification Application (located on the Supplier Diversity Office website: and providing all requested documentation prescribed by the DBE Regulations in the State in which they seek certification. The items requested at the initial application phase are primarily for the initial intake process, the assigned specialist may need to request additional information for Interstate Certification in the State of Massachusetts: