Agencies that procure health and human services (referred to as Purchase of Service or POS) of changes to the October 1, 2013 Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) Policy and Plan for POS procurements and contracts only.  This new policy provides an effective mechanism for monitoring POS provider participation in a rate regulated environment.  Please note that this new policy applies ONLY to POS procurements and contracts, as defined by the applicable POS object codes in the Office of the Comptroller’s Expenditure Classification Handbook.  This policy does not change the October 1, 2013 SDP Policy and Plan for non-POS procurements or contracts, which continues to apply to all other non-POS procurements.  Therefore, if your agency does not procure health and human service contracts, this policy does not apply to you.

The amended policy for POS procurements and contracts remains consistent with the 2013 policy in that:

  • The provider will continue to be required to maintain a business partnership with a Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) certified Minority Business Enterprise, Woman Business Enterprise and/or Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOBE), referred to as the SDP Partner;
  • The policy does not mandate in what capacity the provider must engage the SDP Partner and does not require the provider to subcontract any portion of their service;
  • The provider will be required to make a financial commitment to the business relationship with the SDP Partner and report on the provider’s spending associated with this commitment; and
  • The Department will be required to monitor SDP Plan compliance, whether through the use of the SDP Form 3 (SDP Spending Report) xlsx format of sdprplanform3
or other method implemented by the Department.

However, effective July 21, 2014, a number of provisions specific to POS contracts will be different. 

Policy Memorandum:

Supplier Diversity Program Policies and plan for Purchase of Services (POS) Contacts docx format of sdp_posamendpolicymeno

Resources for Departments

SDP Language for POS RFR docx format of spd-language for pos rfr

Resources for Both Vendors and Departments

SDP for POS Plan Form xls format of sdp_form for purchase of services

SDP Plan for POS Webcast