There are several ways to participate in the Supplier Diversity Program:

To find a complete and current list of SDO certified and registered SBPP participating in Statewide Contracts (SWC) please follow this .

Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) Officers FY12 xls format of officers.xls
- members of Commonwealth departments and authorities responsible for coordinating the execution of the Supplier Diversity Program.
Supplier Diversity Officers are required to:
  • Develop and coordinate the department's Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) objectives pertaining to expenditures with Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) in the areas of goods, services, construction and design; and monitor contract and procurement language in order to ensure effective operation and compliance with SDO's Executive Order.
  • Initiate and follow through on any necessary remedial actions for compliance.
  • Establish benchmark objectives for the department based on the average of the previous two years of M/WBE expenditures added to the projected annual increase.
  • Secure approval of fiscal benchmark objectives (targets) from the agency head, and coordinate with the chief financial officer on the distribution of the goals to the appropriate managers and staff.
  • Maintain a current list of ready and willing Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) vendors (formerly SOMWBA certified vendors) available to contract with state entities.
  • Distribute the list and immediately notify appropriate managers and staff of any changes.
  • Regularly monitor the Operational Services Division (OSD) and SDO web pages for updates, and instruct appropriate managers and staff on how to use these resources.
  • Provide resources, information and guidance to appropriate managers and staff regarding AMP mandates.
  • Maintain knowledge of current procurement language, regulations and procedures, including those issued by the OSD relating to the Request for Response (RFR) process.
  • Provide regular written reports to senior management on SDP activity, highlighting year-to-date progress toward meeting or exceeding benchmark objectives.
  • Develop, oversee, and coordinate the data-gathering and data-analysis systems necessary to produce reports required by our Executive Order.
  • Develop a department narrative for the SDP Secretariat Coordinator to be incorporated as part of the secretariat narrative and included in the SDP's annual report, together with data that measures performance against stated goals and objectives.
  • Actively participate in all SDP related activities throughout the fiscal year, including, but not limited to, monthly Coordinators' meetings.