To apply for certification, firms must contact:

NAME: Supplier Diversity Office

ADDRESS: The McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place, 1313
Boston, MA 02108

TELEPHONE: (617) 502-8831

Certification Procedure

Intake Procedures

The following outline reflects the Intake Procedures that apply upon an initial application for recognition as a MBE or a WBE:

A. For All Applicants

  1. Applicants must attend precertification workshop/session and subsequently submit the Unified Certification Application (UCA) to SDO with supporting documents, and SDO will endeavor to make certification decisions within 90 business days of a complete application being filed, and notify the applicant firm upon this determination.

  1. The Intake Specialist will verify that the application is complete and that the applicant has provided all the necessary supporting documents.

  • If the applicant meets the acceptance requirements, the Certification Specialist will sot the submitted documentation into the appropriate sections and log the application as accepted and complete. The application with then be "ready to assign." OR

  • For all incomplete applications, Intake Specialist will notify the applicant of its specific deficiencies by using the email address provided by the applicant or regular mail, if no email address provided. The applicant will receive ten (10) days to provide the missing information

  • If the applicant provides the requested information, the Intake Specialist will process the application for assignment.

ii. If the applicant does not respond, the Case Manager will:

  • Deactivate the application; and

  • Notify the applicant of the determination the deactivation of their application.
  • Subsequent to deactivation the applicant firm may not reapply for certification for six (6) months.

  • If found complete, the Intake Specialist will notify the applicant that SDO received its application and that a Intake Specialist will contact the company. The application will be transferred to the Case Manager. The Case Manager will assign the file to a The Certification Specialist.

2. Upon receipt of a case, the Certification Specialist will notify the applicant of the assignment and conduct a desk audit of the application and its accompanying documents to determine the applicant's eligibility.

3. If the Certification Specialist determines that any additional documentation is required or further information as to specific issues pertaining to certification, the Certification Specialist will notify the applicant in writing of the specific documents needed and provide it two weeks to respond. The Certification Specialist may grant a one-time extension to an applicant, if requested or necessary at its discretion. All requests for an extension must be in writing.

4. The Certification Specialist will ensure the company:

  • Has filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth's Office or its municipality.
  • Has obtained all necessary licenses required by the state for its operation.
  • Possesses the requisite insurance for its vehicles and personnel.
  • Is in compliance with all state and federal laws.

  1. If the Certification Specialist determines the desk audit is complete the Certification Specialist will then either conduct either a telephone interview or a site visit with the applicant firm at a mutually convenient time to conduct a site visit (as needed). Whenever possible, The Certification Specialist will schedule its visits so as to reduce travel costs and time out of the office. The Certification Specialist will complete a Site Visit Questionnaire that will be included in the file.
  2. Based on a telephone interview (or site visit) and a file review, the Certification Specialist then prepares a written recommendation to either certify or deny the firm.
  3. The Executive Director or Legal Counsel will notify the applicant of the SDO's decision in writing as soon as is administratively feasible.
  • No one within the SDO is allowed to provide verbal notice of a certification decision. This allows the certification specialists to focus on cases in front of them rather than becoming bogged down with status calls.

Where an applicant withdraws its request or is nonresponsive, the Certification Specialist will prepare a brief report detailing the basis for the action. Except that, no withdrawal will be permitted after The Certification Specialist has conducted the on-site or phone interview, rather such a request will be deemed as acceptance of an administrative denial.