General Safety Services Corporation (GSS)

“Starting a new business is one thing but growing it is quite another. My company was started in 2004 and had experienced 3-5% growth each year until the recent recession hit us in 2011 leaving us struggling to survive, never mind grow. Since my company is a certified MBE and DBE, I get a lot of helpful suggestions from the State Office of Supplier Diversity (SDO) to which one of those suggestions was the opportunity to join in on the (Capacity and Contracts) program. It was in this program I learned to hone in on the exact issues my company was having and how to focus on solving them. The instructors were phenomenal. They were professional, knowledgeable and many had experienced firsthand what I was going through. They helped me concentrate and focus on writing a winning Strategic Marketing Plan, one that I can understand and follow.”
Nardine Bellew, Capacity and Contracts Series Alumni, Class of 2014


Albanese Brothers, Inc.

“The Capacity & Contracts program kept me motivated, engaged and challenged. The program brought a fresh new outlook to my view of our company and has allowed me and my partners to practice a new level of thinking allowing us to experience significant improvements and progress to our business’ success, profit and sustainability. The ongoing support through the advisory hours is continuing to aid our improvement beyond the classroom by providing expert support and advice.”
Marcella Albanese, Capacity and Contracts Series Alumni, Class of 2012


Done Right Building Services, Inc.

Since our founding in 1993 we have consistently secured engagements with public entities as a Prime Contractor. We decided that in order to better market our company to large prime contractors pursuing a DBE certification would help our efforts. Done Right Building Services, Inc. (Done Right) received DBE Certification in 1995. After a couple of years of initial marketing efforts to prime contractors engaged in work with the Commonwealth of MA, we received our first job as a DBE Sub-contractor in 1998 and we have steadily grown our DBE related revenue to $2M annually. Also, because of our excellent sub-contract performance, our primes have extended a number private sector work opportunities to Done Right Building Services. The growth of our Sub-contract business has helped in creating job opportunities and supports our growth.
Anthony A. Samuels


Bevco Associates, Inc.

Bevco's certification as a M/W/DBE under SDO has facilitated the financial growth and prosperity of the company. Over the past 15 years, Bevco has been awarded MBTA subcontracts with a market value of approximately $750,000. It must be stressed that the DBE certification has been instrumental in generating these contracting opportunities wherein Bevco had the magnificent opportunity to serve as the the Public Involvement Lead on large, complex MBTA projects playing a highly-visible role in building public support. I would venture to say that Bevco may have been the 1st company led by an Af Am to achieve this distinction, and if so I am proud to have laid the groundwork for others based on Bevco's performance and ability to get in the door on projects such as Urban Ring, Silver Line, and Green Line Extension. In addition to the financial gain, Bevco has also developed an invaluable track record and reputation for excellence that will serve the company well in the future.
Thank you
Beverley Johnson

Gilbane Construction

Gilbane Building Company recognizes that the future of the construction industry depends on strong, qualified, and innovative firms. That’s why the company launched its MWBE Contractor Training Program in 2010.

This 14-session, 7-month program for small and diverse subcontractor and trade firms includes such diverse topics as Estimating, Purchasing, Business Development, Marketing/Networking, Accounting, Scheduling, Safety, Project Management and Access to Capital. With no more than six or seven subcontractors in each course and with programs led by experienced Gilbane executives, it offers a unique opportunity to establish ongoing relationships in which the mentor and protégé tackle development issues, concerns, and questions that impact the business of the protégé. At the same time, program participants build their professional skills and gain familiarity with Gilbane Building Company and the needs of the broader AEC industry.



“Once the program is completed, they help you get jobs. I have received two jobs with Gilbane as a result of the program and it has afforded me the opportunity to be on their bid list. You’re given a tutor to walk you through the process” 

Mike Ware Pacific
Drywall, LLC (MBE/DBE) Class of 2012

"I learned a lot about business, projects and being a project manager. It is clearer what is expected of me as a subcontractor. They explained things like what's expected on a job, safety procedures above and beyond federal requirements, materials and requests for information.  I gained greater contacts within Gilbane and built deeper relationships. I know them better and they know me. I received contracts through my Gilbane mentor."

Joe Morson
J & J Construction Architectural Woodworking, Inc. (MBE/DBE) Class of 2012

“The program was very detailed. I learned a lot about being a contractor and how to be a Gilbane Contractor. I got business from people in my class.”

Nancy Hughes
OHS Training & Consulting, Inc. (WBE/DBE) Class of 2012

If you are a contractor interested in the program or if you would like more information please contact

Meredith Whalen 
Gilbane Construction

Suffolk Construction


The Suffolk Construction Subcontracting Development Series program was developed in collaboration with the Supplier Diversity Office to provide disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned subcontractor firm’s valuable insight on partnering with area’s largest general contractor. Suffolk Construction is one of the most successful privately held building contractors in the country. It launched its second annual Subcontractor Development Series in the fall of 2013.  Suffolk offers this series annually every fall.

The Subcontractor Development Series as a series is offered exclusively to union and non-union subcontractors that are certified by the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), or Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Firms must also have been in business for a minimum of two years. Each course is led by Suffolk executives and local industry experts.  

Suffolk’s partnership with the SDO continues to increase the capacity of DBE, MBE, and WBE firms with Suffolk Construction, as well as other prime contractors in the construction industry.  Suffolk’s 2012 Subcontractor Development Series awarded 35 projects totaling more than $25 million to DBE, MBE, and WBE subcontractors who successfully completed the program.


“It was a great experience and I recommend that everyone attend the Suffolk Construction Subcontractor Development Series. All of the courses were vital to our success in managing the business of All Time Service, Inc. The Financial, Project Management and Billing classes were the most import courses for us. These courses helped us to become stronger in managing the business of All Time Services, Inc. The ultimate success for us was obtaining contracts with Suffolk Construction that have generated revenue of $617,000. I continue to meet with my Suffolk Construction assigned Mentor on a monthly basis.”

Janet Peguero, Owner
All Time Services, Inc., (M/WBE/DBE) Class of 2012

“I learned how to prepare proposals and to bid on Suffolk Construction’s projects. The ultimate success for Rebars & Mesh, Inc. was obtaining contracts with Suffolk Construction that have generated revenue of $1,323,000.”

Kathryn Grady
Rebars & Mesh, Inc. (WBE/DBE) Class of 2012

“Was helpful.  Suffolk  Leadership Team explained what to expect when performing work for Suffolk such as the bidding process, the role of Suffolk personnel, and how they work with subcontractors. The ultimate success story for FireCode Design was obtaining a contract with Suffolk Construction that generated revenue of $42,500.”

Ronnette Taylor-Lawrence
FireCode Design, LLC (M/WBE/DBE) Class of 2012

For more information, on the Subcontractor Development Series, you may contact:

Leah Pennino
Director of Marketing & Communications
Suffolk Construction Company
D | 617-517-4536
F | 617-989-9075

Turner Construction

The Turner School of Construction Management began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1969. Since its inception the program has helped participants grow their businesses, form long-term business relationships and establish successful joint ventures to win contracts with Turner and other industry leaders. This has been accomplished by first having individual classes taught by Turner staff and select industry partners who have spent years in their fields and are regarded as subject-matter experts. An added bonus to this method of class instruction is all attendees are encouraged to stay in touch with their instructors so that a mentor relationship can develop. Secondly the carefully structured curriculum teaches the fundamentals of running a construction management business which include: business administration, bidding, cost estimating, marketing & sales, scheduling, fiscal management, safe building practices and bonding.

The Turner School of Construction Management has been running in Boston since 2005. The partnership between the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) and Turner Construction in Boston began in 2007 when they hosted their 1st Turner School of Construction Management together. Since then they have hosted 6 more classes together and to date a total of 126 individuals from 101 MBE and WBE firm have graduated from the Boston area Turner School of Construction Management.


“The Turner School got me in front of a lot of GC’s, which was difficult on my own as a WBE.  I got to learn some of the GC’s secrets – processes, what they can bend on, insights, things they can get around because we’re small and what they look for in subcontractors.”

Nardine Bellow President
General Safety Services, Corp. (WBE/DBE) Class of 2011

“It was a wonderful opportunity to network with other students.  I became a mentor to a fellow student.  I was able to get an idea as to how a large company like Turner operates. The program hit on topics that a business person needs to know about.”

Diane Johanson
Advanced Architectural Metal Specialties Corporation (WBE/DBE) Class of 2012

“The best part about the program was that they went over business law, something you would not learn in the field.  I thought that was pretty valuable.”

Mike Denson
M G Denson Electric (MBE) Class of 2009

For more information about the Turner School of Construction Management please contact:

Alison Stanton 
Turner Construction Boston
Regional Community Affairs Director