The following outline reflects the Intake Procedures that apply upon an initial application for recognition as a DBE:

A.     For All Applicants

  1.   Applicants may attend a precertification workshop/session or view the webcast and submit the Unified Certification Application (UCA) to SDO with supporting documents. SDO will endeavor to make certification decisions within 90 days of a complete application.
  2. The Intake Specialist will within 3 to 5 days verify that the application is complete and that the applicant has provided all the necessary supporting documents.
    1. If the application is deemed complete, the intake specialist will sort the submitted documentation into the appropriate sections and log the application as “complete”.  The applicant firm will then be notified  in by mail and email that its application is suitable for evaluation and complete and “ready to assign”
    2. For all incomplete applications, The Intake Specialist will notify the applicant firm of its specific deficiencies by using the email address provided by the applicant and regular mail. The applicant will have 30 days to provide the missing information subject to an extension not to exceed an additional 60 days which may be granted under appropriate circumstances, and with documentation to support the granting of an extension, if warranted by the facts.
      1. If the applicant provides the requested information, The Intake Specialist will process the application.
      2. If the applicant does not respond, the Director of Certification will:
      3. Inactivate the application; and notify the applicant firm of this action in writing by mail of the determination of inactivation of their application
    3. If found complete, The Director of Certification will assign the application to a Certification Specialist who will then contact the company. The Certification Specialist will then conduct a comprehensive review of the application to ensure that it meets the bare minimum entrance requirements of: 51% ownership by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals; compliance with all state laws governing its industry; and a valid home state certification and site visit, if applicable.)