MassDOT has executed a memorandum of understanding with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Administration and Finance/Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) for DBE certification services and the establishment of a Massachusetts Unified Certification Program (MassUCP) and thereby further develop and improve the process of DBE certification within the Commonwealth to assist DBEs in entering DBE programs.  Please refer to the comprehensive list of UCP Participants in Definitions. 

SDO has agreed to use the certification standards of Subpart D of Part 26 and the certification procedures of Subpart E of Part 26 to determine the eligibility of firms to participate as DBEs in USDOT-assisted contracts.  To be certified as a DBE, a firm must meet all 49 CFR Part 26 certification eligibility standards.  SDO will make DBE certification decisions based on the facts as a whole.

To apply for certification, firms must contact:

NAME: Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) - DBE
ADDRESS: Massachusetts Transportation Building
10 Park Plaza, Suite 2600-B
Boston, MA 02116
TELEPHONE: (617) 701-8010