The members of the Massachusetts Unified Certification Program, whether as direct recipients or sub-recipients, managers of federally funded projects, and/or as members of the staff of the Supplier Diversity Office (Formerly State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance), have established the following principles to ensure adherence to ethical standards in all certification decisions.

In support of its mission statement, the UCP will pledge its respect for and protection of privileged information, and will accept the responsibility of keeping informed on emerging issues, federal guidance, other states' activity, and potential problems in the administration and management of its own program.

In support of its mission statement, the UCP will also pledge to guard against conflict of interest or its appearance, conduct official acts professionally utilizing objective criteria in determining certification eligibility, ensure adherence to provisions which provide for administrative due process, ensure accountability through compliance with established controls and procedures.

The UCP at SDO will also affirm the ongoing efforts of recipients to ensure that DBE firms utilized on their DOT assisted contracts are performing a commercially useful function and are otherwise in compliance with federal regulations. The UCP at SDO and the UCP membership will pledge to cooperate with other agency compliance efforts, share information with respect to firms under review, and examine information deemed pertinent that may have been collected to determine ongoing certification eligibility.