Any property that exceeds the needs of a department shall be declared surplus property by that department.

Property may exceed departmental needs because it is:
  • Not needed due to staff reduction/transfer or mission change
  • To be replaced
  • Damaged
  • Beyond repair
  • Obsolete
  • An historic artifact

Failure to declare surplus property in a timely manner may result in unilateral declarations of surplus status by the State Surplus Property (SSP) officer.

To declare surplus property, your department must complete the Declaration of Surplus Property - OSD 25 Form docx format of OSD 25 - Declaration of Surplus Property Form
and submit it via email to the Surplus Property Office at

Please make sure to include each item's Category, Condition, and Original Value.
If you need assistance you may contact The Surplus Property Office:
Paul Guerino - 617-720-3146
Ted Bunnell - 617-720-3170

It is required that all departments sign the OSD 25 Form certifying that all confidential and personal information data has been removed from all surplus and worthless electronic equipment. This would include hard drives, memory cards, subscriber identity module cards, cell phones, fax machines, printers, scanners, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


CategoriesGroup items in the same category together on Form OSD 25. Use a space between categories or submit a separate form for each category. Always use a separate form for items deemed "Salvage" or "Worthless."
Condition CodesReviewed by the SSP officer. See below for special guidelines relating to the condition "Worthless."
Original ValueThe acquisition cost or its best estimate. It is important to provide a value whenever possible. Receiving parties use this value when entering surplus property into their own inventory records.

Authorization Required for Transfer

No department may transfer, donate, destroy or otherwise dispose of surplus property without the authorization of the SSP officer. The transfer guidelines require that the donor department:
  • Notify the SSP officer immediately of any change in the reported location
  • Allow inspection by receiving parties
  • Obtain authorization from the SSP officer prior to transfer
  • Record transfer authorizations in inventory records
  • Sign, as proof of transfer, a copy of the authorization letter within 10 days of transfer
  • Submit this proof of transfer to the SSP officer within 30 days
Direct Transfer

In the event your department is aware of another department that needs your surplus property, your department may submit a letter to the SSP officer requesting authorization for transfer.

Worthless Property

In order for a department to declare surplus property worthless, the department must appoint, whenever practical, a three-member team composed of the department head, fiscal officer, and a third person.

Members are required to personally inspect and determine the value of the property. If the property is deemed worthless, each member must sign a certification to be sent to the SSP officer.

Once the SSP officer authorizes destruction, the department should remove any part of an assembly that can be used or stocked for repair of other articles. The department is then authorized to destroy the worthless property.