The Sale of Non-Vehicle Related Surplus Property

All surplus property is declared in the Current Surplus Property Listing pdf format of Current Surplus Property Listing
After thirty (30) days of publication, any surplus property, except vehicles and related equipment, not transferred to state departments will be offered to cities and towns for an administration fee based on the item's age, condition and acquisition value, or original cost.

After fifty (50) days, licensed non-profits shall be eligible for the same fee.

After sixty (60) days, the SSP officer will determine if the item should be offered to the general public.

The Sale of Vehicles and Related Equipment

Prior to a public auction, all municipalities will be allowed to view and submit bids between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. for any item slated for sale.

  • Bid documents and full terms and conditions will be available at the sale site.
  • All bids must be accompanied by a dated letter on official municipality letterhead signed by the municipality's Chief Procurement Officer that must:
    • authorize the specified individual(s) to participate
    • specifies the maximum dollar amount allowed.
  • Bids will be awarded to the municipality that offers the highest bid deemed acceptable by the Commonwealth.
  • Municipalities that receive an award have thirty (30) days from date of notification to make payment.

This site, as well as the Classified Ads section of The Boston Globe, will contain information on sales of vehicles and related equipment.

State departments never relinquish their priority and right to claims on surplus property at no cost.
Property will be transferred on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be sold as-is, where-is.

Municipalities or licensed non-profits must complete a Surplus Request Form doc format of Surplus Request Form
pdf format of                             surplus request                and submit it by email to the SSP officer Faxes can be transmitted to the attention of the SSP officer at (617) 727-4527 or mailed to:

Operational Services Division
State Surplus Property Office
One Ashburton Place, Room 1017
Boston, MA 02108

Upon receipt of the Surplus Request Form, SSPO will indicate approval on the document and return a copy along with an invoice. The donor department will also receive a copy of the Surplus Request Form to retain for their inventory records.

Payment must be received by SSPO within 30 days of receipt of any invoice. No surplus property may be removed until both the public entity and the donor department have received an approved copy of the Surplus Request Form from SSP officer.