• Statewide Contracts are required for use by every Executive Branch department in Massachusetts and are available for use by all eligible public entities within the Commonwealth, such as agencies, departments, constitutional offices, public authorities, commissions, cities, and towns.  The State buys virtually every product or service that a public entity might need to conduct business. Construction work is NOT covered under OSD’s Statewide Contracts.

    Products include office supplies, desktop and laptop computers, vehicles, tires, fuel, maintenance and repair items, lawn and grounds equipment, security systems, food products, medical supplies and equipment, and thousands of other products.

    Services include those provided by financial professionals such as actuaries, accountants, and statisticians; temporary office and IT staff, foreign language interpreters, legal professionals such as tax attorneys, title examiners; and many others.

  • How to Become a Statewide Contractor

    There is no “bid list.”  To become a seller on a Statewide Contract, vendors must execute a contract with OSD or its designee after responding to a fair, open, and competitive solicitation for bids to provide goods and/or services.  This section explains the steps required in order to become a Statewide Contractor.

  • Guidance for Current Statewide Contractors

    Congratulations on receiving a Statewide Contract!  Being a Statewide Contractor allows you to sell the goods and services on your Statewide Contract to hundreds of Commonwealth contract users. These web pages are designed to help you locate information to promote and market your goods and services, and to maintain your status as a Statewide Contractor in good standing.
  • Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP)

    Governor Deval Patrick recognizes the importance of Massachusetts small businesses and the impact and challenges the latest recession has placed on them. Governor Patrick has signed an Executive Order establishing a new Massachusetts Small Business Program (SBPP) within the Operational Services Division (OSD) to direct state spending for non-construction goods and services to participating Massachusetts small businesses.
  • Guidance for Human and Social Service Providers

    Learn about the regulations for compliance, reporting and auditing that are required of social service providers.