• COMMBUYS Business Bulletin for Statewide Contractors

    Launched in August 2016, the COMMBUYS Business Bulletin ensures Statewide Contract Vendors have the information they need to productively conduct business with the Commonwealth. The COMMBUYS Operations Team will use this publication to distribute important updates, system enhancements, critical dates, and reminders to support our eCommerce partners.

    Access the June 2017 Issue here.

  • Marketing Tips

    This page will show you how to tell if an organization is allowed to use Statewide Contracts, how to find lists and contact information for potential clients, how to gain visibility for your company by offering special deals that will be posted on OSD's website and exhibiting at OSD's annual vendor fair, and how to learn about what your competition on the Statewide Contract may be offering.

  • Keep Your Company's Information Current

    On this page you will learn the specifics on how to handle any type of change to your company’s information, from changing the email address for your company’s contact person, to filing paperwork in the event that your company merges with another company.

  • Compliance with Statewide Contract Rules

    This page explains the reporting and other requirements that are common to all Statewide Contracts, as well as how to ensure that you understand additional requirements that apply just to the Statewide Contracts held by your company.
  • Understanding Commonwealth Payments

    The purpose of this page is to help Statewide Contractors understand and monitor payments by the Commonwealth.  If the payment you have received is less than the amount you were expecting based on your invoice, please review this page before taking any other action.
  • What to do if there are problems with Commonwealth Agencies or Competitors

    Contact your OSD Strategic Sourcing Lead (SSL).  Contact information is found on the General tab-Purchaser for the Contract in COMMBUYS.  Your SSL will let you know if OSD intervention is appropriate, or if the issue is for you to resolve.

  • Don't miss out when your Statewide Contract is Renewed or Rebid

    Always keep your COMMBUYS registration information up to date.  Contact COMMBUYS@state.ma.us if you are not able to access the account.  Make sure that someone monitors email from COMMBUYS to this address, because this is where current contractors will be notified that their contract is being renewed or rebid.

  • Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP)

    The importance of Massachusetts small businesses and the impact and challenges the latest recession has placed on them is recognized. An Executive Order was signed establishing a new Massachusetts Small Business Program (SBPP) within the Operational Services Division (OSD) to direct state spending for non-construction goods and services to participating Massachusetts small businesses.

    The Small Business Purchasing Program does not affect Statewide Contracts at this time.  However, if you think your company may be eligible (some qualifications include annual gross income of $15 million or less, 50 employees or fewer, and a principal place of business in MA), it may be worth your while to register as a Small Business.  Commonwealth Departments are required to offer opportunities for goods/services under $150,000 that are NOT covered under Statewide Contract to registered Small Businesses via a COMMBUYS posting.  So, if your company provides any goods/services that are NOT covered by your Statewide Contract, you should register as a Small Business and be alert to bid opportunities posted on COMMBUYS.