This page explains the reporting and other requirements that are common to all Statewide Contracts, as well as how to ensure that you understand additional requirements that apply just to the Statewide Contracts held by your company.



Statewide Contractor Administration Fee

All Statewide contractors are required to make Administration Fee payments through the Administration Fee Secure Payment Center and submit Administration Fee reports electronically. When making secure electronic payments along with submitting administration fee reports, contractors must use the Secure Payment Center.  When payments are being deferred or no payments are due, Statewide Contractors must complete the Administration Fee Reporting form pdf format of Administration Fee Quarterly Reporting Form
 and email it to the Administration Fee Auditor at

Do not confuse the Administration Fee reporting requirements with the additional reports that are required for most Statewide contracts (see below).  Both types of reports are due quarterly on the same dates (Feb 15th, May 15th, Aug 15th, and Nov 15th)

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Statewide Contract – Other Reporting Requirements

Each Statewide Contract has specific reporting requirements in addition to Administration Fee Reporting.  Unlike the Administration Fee Report, these reports are typically spreadsheets that are emailed directly to the Strategic Sourcing Lead (SSL) responsible for that Statewide Contract.  

These reports include more detail than required in the Administration Fee Report, such as:

  • Contract Sales and Supplier Diversity Program Report
  • EPP Report,
  • $ave$mart Activity and/or
  • Savings Report, among others

Statewide contractors are strongly advised to review the RFR to determine reporting requirements.

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Statewide Contract - Scope of Contract

Vendors may only sell those goods and/or services for which they are awarded a Statewide Contract pursuant to the terms and conditions applicable to the awarded contract.

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Statewide Contract – Additional Requirements

In addition to the Scope and Reporting requirements noted above, each Statewide Contract has unique requirements.  Contractors should review the RFR and the commitments made in their RFR Response.  Some Statewide Contracts impose penalties (for example, contract suspension or termination, or monetary penalties) for non-compliance with Statewide Contract requirements.  Statewide Contractors are responsible for understanding and complying with all Statewide Contract requirements.  Statewide Contractors should ensure that all of their employees or representatives (such as sales representatives and invoicing staff) who deal with Contract Users are aware of the Statewide Contract requirements.

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COMMBUYS Registration

Always keep your COMMBUYS registration information up to date.  Contact if you are not able to access the account.  Make sure that someone monitors email from COMMBUYS to this address, because this is where current contractors will be notified that their contract is being renewed or rebid.

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Subcontracting Policies

Statewide Contractors are responsible for the satisfactory performance and adequate oversight of their subcontractors. Additional information can be found in section 9 of the Commonwealth Terms and Conditions doc format of c_tc.doc
.  Many Statewide Contracts require advance approval of the Contract User for use of subcontractors, and others require disclosure of subcontractor information if requested by the Contract User.  Some Statewide Contracts may require approval of the Statewide Contract Manager prior to use of subcontractors.

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Keep Your Company's Information Current

On this page you will learn the specifics on how to handle any type of change to your company’s information, from changing the email address for your company’s contact person, to filing paperwork in the event that your company merges with another company.

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Marketing Prohibitions

A Contractor's marketing information must be factual in nature and not critical of other Statewide Contractors.  Contractors must not display the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Seal for advertising or commercial purposes, as use of the coat of arms and the Great Seal of the Commonwealth for such purposes is prohibited by law.  Most Statewide Contracts require Contractors to seek and receive SSL prior written approval for press releases regarding the contract and other public announcements.  If you are in doubt about whether approval is needed, contact your OSD Strategic Sourcing Lead.

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Registering Business with the Secretary of the Commonwealth

Any individual doing business in the Commonwealth using a name other than their own must file a business certificate in the city or town where the business is located, unless the business has been incorporated and files annual reports with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Foreign corporations must register with the Secretary of the Commonwealth within 10 days of starting to transact business in the Commonwealth, except in unusual circumstances.  Vendors should note that the Statewide Contract may require such registration even if it is not otherwise required by law.

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