As a vendor on a Statewide Contract, it is now up to you to begin marketing your products and services to potential buyers across the Commonwealth. Being on a contract gives you the opportunity to reach out to many state agencies, cities & towns, schools, eligible non profits, etc., to promote your business. While OSD cannot do the marketing for you, we can provide you with guidance on how to reach potential buyers. 

The market for commodities and services across the Commonwealth is extensive. All Executive departments are required to use Statewide Contracts for their purchases. In addition, many other public and quasi-public entities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are eligible, though not required, to use Statewide Contracts.


The following information is provided as a resource for Statewide Contractors to be able to identify and to reach out to potential customers.

  • Agency Chief Procurement Officers xlsx format of Agency Chief Procurement and Supplier Diversity Officer

    Within each agency is a designated Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). All CPOs are responsible for monitoring and approving the purchasing within their respective agency.
  • Agency Supplier Diversity Officers xlsx format of Agency Chief Procurement and Supplier Diversity Officer

    The Agency Chief Procurement Officers are also the Agency Supplier Diversity Officers. This group is also responsible for monitoring the purchasing from Minority and Women owned businesses across the Commonwealth.
  •  City and Town Local Official Directory

    This online directory is a joint effort of the Division of Local Services (DLS) and city and town clerks to provide a regularly maintained resource for addresses and contact information for officials in Massachusetts' 351 cities and towns. City and town clerks are authorized to enter the system to add/update/ delete officials in their respective communities.
  • Department of Education

    The Department of Education's website provides detailed information on public elementary and secondary schools. Included on this website is information on private, Chapter 766, Charter Schools and Educational Collaborative organization.
  • Eligible non-profits xlsx format of Eligible Non-Profits

    This list contains contact names of human and social service contractors eligible to buy goods and services from Statewide Contracts.
  • Local Housing Authority Listing

    This website provides a list of over 200 local Housing Authorities from across the Commonwealth.
  • Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

    This web page contains links to all Public Higher Education Campuses in the Commonwealth.

If you would like more detailed information about the state procurement process, please refer to the Commonwealth's