This page will help you determine whether or not your company currently holds a Statewide Contract.

Start by going to  Then:

  • Search the Comm-PASS Business Directory to locate your business information (no login is needed):
    • Select “Business Directory” from the row of buttons near the top of the page (white letters on blue buttons).  The “Business Directory is a "yellow-pages" style directory of all Statewide contractors and other companies that have chosen to be listed on Comm-PASS.
    • Choose the “Advanced Directory Search” option to search by your company’s name. 
  • If you do locate your company’s name look for the following in the “Vendor Participation” section at “Statewide Contract Holder:”
    • If it says “No” you do not have a Statewide Contract. Please see “How To Become a Statewide Contractor ” for more information.
    • If it says “Yes” you need to follow the link to “Related Comm-PASS Contracts.” 
      • First, check the dates – if all the contracts listed are expired, based on the date in the “End Date” column, you do not have a Statewide Contract.
      • If there are current contracts, look for those that begin with three letters followed by two numbers, e.g. ITT53 or VEH91. 
        • Follow the link to each contract.  
        • Check the first tab to see if “Statewide Contract” is “Yes.”
        • Check the Vendor’s tab to see if your company still has a contract.
        • Select the eyeglasses next to your company’s name to view the detailed record.
        • Check the Effective End Date to see if your contract is still in effect.