To effectively participate in the Small Business Purchasing Program, OSD encourages you to access free training resources including on-line training tools and instructor led training sessions designed to explain the program, provide access to Comm-PASS, the Commonwealth's eProcurement system, and to offer technical assistance and mentoring services.



Prior to registering for and attending hands-on training for SBPP vendors, you should review these three webinars:

  1. SBPP-Small Business…the strength of the economy - An overview of the Small Business Purchasing Program 

  1. Welcome to SmartBid - An overview of the SmartBid subscription process, required to declare your eligibility and access tools for online bidding in response to purchasing program opportunities.

  1. New Comm-PASS Functionality Free Form Quick Quote - An overview providing a basic understanding of the requirements and opportunities of a Free Form Quick Quote


Job aids are documents that provide detailed step-by-step instructions for any process you may conduct in Comm-PASS. You may view a job aid online, but most users find it helpful to print the document for reference as they work in the system.


Registration: Please register for SBPP - Comm-PASS SmartBid & Free Form Quick Quote training via the Office of Supplier Diversity On-line Registration Application. Be sure to include your email address on the registration form to receive session notifications. If you are trying to register for a class not listed on this website, please send an email to


Small Business Purchasing Program - SmartBid Training Description

This one day workshop provides an overview of the Small Business Purchasing Program and the SmartBid Subscription Services. The instructor-led training provides participants with an interactive, online learning experience which includes managing the vendor's profile, setting email notification preferences, editing contact information, managing the Desktop and using quick links. Additionally, an Interactive Data Entry Session for finding bidding opportunities and entering a response (using Free-Form Quick Quote Response) gives participants hands-on experience responding to a bidding opportunity using the online bid submission functionality.


Small Business Purchasing Program - SmartBid for SDO-Certified Minority and Women Owned Businesses Training Description

In addition to the curriculum included in the standard SBPP/Small Procurement Training, this course will cover the importance of the SBPP to Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) and why it is important to subscribe to SmartBid. Supplier Diversity Office certified vendors can attend this training session or register for any other SBPP businesses training session.