• Understanding the Statewide Contract Purchasing Process

    Knowing the processes that take place at OSD will allow you to be at the right place at the right time, ask the right questions, and ultimately access the tools needed to become a state contractor.
  • What the State Buys

    Products include copy paper, pencils and personal computers; vehicles, tires and fuel; building materials; medical supplies and food products; and thousands of others.Services include trade persons for general repair and maintenance, like electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths; financial professionals, like actuaries, accountants, statisticians; human resource professionals, like temporary staff, foreign language interpreters, trainers; legal professionals, like tax attorney, court reporters, and title examiners; and numerous others.
  • Increase your Chances of Winning

    Increase your chances of being selected for state contract award, the Strategic Sourcing Services Team (SSST) usually evaluates submissions based on two types of criteria, find out more....
  • Identify Potential Markets

    After a business has been awarded a Statewide Contract, the potential market for the selling of commodities and services is extensive. Learn how to identify potential markets.
  • Keep Contractor Information Up-To-Date

    Once a business has been awarded a statewide contract, it is the contractor's responsibility to keep information up to date. Read the FAQs.