Merely registering your company with the Commonwealth, filing taxes, or providing information necessary to receive payment from the Commonwealth does not in and of itself validate your company as an authorized vendor on statewide contract.

Authorized vendors on statewide contracts must execute a contract with the Operational Services Division or its designee after responding to a fair, open, and competitive bid to provide goods and/or services.

In brief, interested bidders must:

  1. Locate an Open Solicitation for Statewide Contract;
  2. Submit a response in accordance with all Solicitation requirements prior to the Close Date; and,
  3. Prevail in accordance with evaluation criteria established by the Issuer

Evaluation criteria for Solicitations for Statewide Contract are established on a case-by-case basis using best-value principles. Under this methodology, price may or may not be the most important component of a response.

Your company becomes a statewide vendor once all Contract documents are executed and the Strategic Sourcing Services Lead (SSSL) sends a valid award notification.

How do I locate an Open Solicitation for Statewide Contract?

Interested bidders have two ways to learn about all Open Solicitations including those for Statewide Contract.

How do I determine Solicitation requirements?

The Issuer establishes requirements under applicable laws, policies and practices.

The Comm-PASS system provides members of the Purchasing Community with a tool that standardizes presentation of requirements within the system's data and file attachment capabilities.

In brief, interested bidders are solely responsible to:

  1. Review all information provided on each tabbed page of the Solicitation record, including the attached files;
  2. Communicate questions or concerns to the Issuer listed under the Contact Information section; and,
  3. Check Comm-PASS frequently for bid requirement addenda or modifications.

While interested bidders can quickly review information provided in Solicitation data fields online, they should download and/or print file attachments for closer review.

If, after reading the requirements, you are still unclear about anything, communicate your concerns to individual listed under Contact Information on the Issuers page of the Solicitation record.

Only the person listed under the Contact Information has the authority to answer questions.

Only answers issued in writing or via Online Bidders' Conference (Comm-PASS Forums) and posted to the Solicitation or Online Bidders' Conference (Forum) record on Comm-PASS are legally binding.