To increase your chances of winning a state contract award, consider OSD's bid evaluation process. To find the best value bids, the Strategic Sourcing Services Team (SSST) usually evaluates submissions based on two types of criteria:

  1. Mandatory criteria (identified with the word " must" in the RFR). These are the pass/fail criteria that you absolutely have to meet to be considered a responsive bidder (e.g. number of years in business, certain equipment requirements, ability to service the territory, etc.)

  2. Desirable criteria (the RFR typically says, " it is desirable that…"). These are used to measure the "value added" by the bidder. Compliance with each desirable criterion results in a certain number of additional points. Bidders who comply with all the mandatory criteria and get the highest scores in the evaluation of the desirables are usually the successful bidders. While low price remains one of the most important desirables under the concept of best value, bidders are awarded additional points for a variety of features depending on what the SSST considers important. Some examples are:

    • Next day delivery, complementary pick up on returns, enhanced response time or 24/7availability of technical support, customer relations management, on-line catalog ordering, etc.

    • Environmentally preferable products/packaging or services, including recycling, source reduction, use of recycled products, energy efficiency, water conservation and other resource conservation and/or pollution prevention.

    • Cost-effectiveness of bidder's products/services due to lower operating costs, lower life-cycle costs, increased durability or other features.

Most important of all - get your bid in on time! If your submission is as little as one minute late by the clock in OSD's reception area, it will not be reviewed. Our advice is to get your bid in the day before the deadline and be safe.