Once you are granted an agreement with the Commonwealth, it is your responsibility to keep your contractor information up to date. The following FAQs were compiled to assist you in this task:

How do I update my legal address on a contract that I hold with the Commonwealth?
  • Cover letter with original signature stating both the old and new addresses. If your company's remittance address has also changed, be sure to note in the letter that you wish to have the old remittance address deactivated.
  • Commonwealth Substitute W-9 form
  • Commonwealth Terms and Conditions (showing the new address)
You will need to submit the above documents to OSD.

Another company has bought my company. How do I update my contractor information? Contact the Commonwealth's contract manager for each of the contracts your company holds with the Commonwealth. The contract manager and/or the Procurement Management Team will review information concerning the new company and make a determination regarding whether it is appropriate to continue the contract. At a minimum, you will need to complete the following:

  • Cover letter of explanation with original signature
  • Contractor Change of Identity form
  • Commonwealth Terms and Conditions form
  • Commonwealth Substitute W-9
You will need to submit the above documents to OSD.

My name has changed. What do I need to do?

  • Cover letter of explanation
  • Commonwealth Substitute W-9 form with your new name
  • Commonwealth Terms and Conditions form
  • Contractor Authorized Signature Verification form
  • If you are an individual, a copy of your Social Security card (with your new name)

You will need to submit the above documents to OSD.

What is my vendor code number?

Your vendor code number is assigned the MMARS system and it is different from the the number assigned by the federal government as a Federal Identification Number (FIN). You may obtain a Federal Identification Number (FIN) by contacting the Internal Revenue Service.

Once I have my federal identification number, can I bid on all statewide contracts?
You may bid on any contracts as long as you/your company has read the RFR (Request for Response) and you/your company meets all RFR requirements and can provide the goods or services requested within the scope of the RFR.

How do I add a new remittance address and still keep my legal address?

You will need to submit a W-9 form to OSD with a letter stating that you want your "remit to" address to change and that you wish to keep your legal address the same. You may either request that we add an additional remit address (companies may have more than one such address) or that we deactivate the current address and substitute the new address.