Q.     How can I find a listing of all upcoming OSD events?

A.     Please visit the OSD Training and Outreach Courses pages for upcoming training and event details.

Q.     Can anyone attend the classes offered by OSD?

A.     Some classes are currently only offered to Commonwealth Executive Departments and those departments conforming to 801 CMR 21.00 (Essentials of State Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program). All other “Buyer” classes are open to all Eligible Entities.Vendor/Business training are offered to any and all businesses.

Q.     What is the fee for taking a class?

A.     All of our classes are FREE!  

Q.     Where can I find a list of available classes?

A.     Please visit the Training and Outreach Courses page. If you are a Buyer, select the Buyer Catalog and/or the Schedule for class descriptions and upcoming dates. If you are a Seller/Business, select the Business Resource & Training Guide and/or the Schedule for class descriptions and upcoming dates.

Q.     How do I sign up to attend a class?

A.     Registration for Buyer classes is done through the PACE system. Executive Department employees should have a login assigned to them. Other Eligible Entities may create an account or contact osdtraining@state.ma.us for assistance. Registration for Seller/Business classes is done through on-line at the OSD/SDO training registration web page. If you have questions on registering please contact osdtraining@state.ma.us for assistance.

Q.     Where are the training classes located?

A.    Training classes are generally scheduled at One Ashburton Place, Boston as well as "on the road."  

One Ashburton Place, Boston.  This location has several conference rooms and a PC lab. All classrooms (unless otherwise indicated) are located on the 10th floor in Room 1017.

Pre-Certification Workshops and Connecting Your Business to the Commonwealth. Select classes are also offered at various locations throughout the Commonwealth.

Q.     How can I get to a training located in Boston?

A.    The following will assist you in getting to one of our training facilities in Boston.

One Ashburton Place: (Take the MBTA to Park Street. Walk up Park Street towards the State House, turn right onto Beacon St., turn left onto Bowdoin St., Ashburton Place is one block down on the right.). Parking garages are located in various places nearby for a fee. We do not validate parking.

Q.     What if I can’t attend training?

A.    More and more of our training are being offered as webcasts on YouTube and live webinars. Please visit the OSD Training and Outreach Courses and download a Training Schedule to verify current eLearning availability.