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OSD Programs and Services

Small Business Purchasing Program Policy Overview

The goals of the Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) are to increase state spending with enrolled Massachusetts-based small businesses and to provide simple and easy access to information and resources that will assist the small business community. The SBPP website, www.mass.gov/sbpp, provides informational webinars and instructional job aids that you can use anytime, or, access information about instructor-led small business training sessions to learn about the SBPP eligibility requirements, expanding opportunities for small businesses to compete for state contracts using COMMBUYS.

Small Business Purchasing Program Executive Order 523 Policy Overview

The SBPP and its mission is defined in Executive Order 523, including the benchmarks and requirements of the program and related reporting.

Minority and Women Business Owners - Supplier Diversity Office Certification Training

The Supplier Diversity Office of Massachusetts certifies companies for the State (MBE, WBE, M/WBE) certification program.  Certification is the process by which the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) reviews and investigates applicants who seek to participate in affirmative business opportunities within state government to determine that they meet the requirements of the state statutes and regulations. This webcast provides an overview of the certification eligibility and application process.  Participation in the Pre-Certification workshop is a requirement for the application process.

State Contracting and the Supplier Diversity Plan (SDP) Form (Changes effective October 1, 2013)

The goal of the Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) is to promote, encourage, and increase spending with state and federally certified business enterprises. Interested businesses will learn about the Supplier Diversity Plan Form, how it fits into the state’s procurement process, and its significance in responding to state contracting opportunities.  Businesses that are already certified as Women Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprises will learn how to establish business-to-business relationships with potential and current state contractors who are actively seeking SDP partnerships.

Supplier Diversity Policy and Form for Purchase of Service (POS) Providers

The Operational Services Division (OSD) announced changes to the Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) policy for Purchase of Service (POS) contractors effective July 15, 2014.  This webcast outlines changes to the SDP program and reporting requirements for POS contractors.   The intended audiences for this webinar are providers that currently contract with an Executive Agency or Department of the Commonwealth for Purchase of Service and any new provider that plans to respond to POS bids posted on COMMBUYS.  


Overview of COMMBUYS

This brief presentation details reasons for migrating to COMMBUYS and introduces COMMBUYS features. COMMBUYS 3 phased implementation strategy and user readiness approach is also explored.

COMMBUYS - Advanced UNSPSC for Buyers and Sellers (Using Commodity Codes in COMMBUYS - United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC)

The Operational Services Division has adopted the UNSPSC which supports system interface, monitors spending and buying patterns and streamlines processes.  This webcast introduces and defines the UNSPSC Commodity Codes and the reasoning for use in COMMBUYS.  The audience is advised how to utilize the UNSPSC codes within COMMBUYS specifically how vendors are notified of bid opportunities within COMMBUYS.

Vendor Registration in COMMBUYS

Businesses selling goods and/or services to the Commonwealth must complete a vendor registration within COMMBUYS, the Commonwealth’s e-market center.  This webcast explores the COMMBUYS registration process for Comm-PASS registered vendors and new vendors.

Statewide Contract Vendors: Completing COMMBUYS Registration (for former Comm-PASS Users)

This webcast provides COMMBUYS registration details and editing of vendor information for current Commonwealth Statewide Contract vendors; vendor must have a completed COMMBUYS registration to respond to bidding opportunities in COMMBUYS.

What the Seller Sees in COMMBUYS (Bids and POs)

This presentation highlights a seller’s view of locating bids and creating quotes in COMMBUYS, locating and acknowledging purchase orders in COMMBUYS.  This webcast also explores additional COMMBUYS support resources available.

How to Find a Purchase Order in COMMBUYS

This webcast provides an overview of COMMBUYS from the Seller’s perspective and highlights the steps used to find Purchase Orders.  After viewing, sellers will be able to locate purchase orders using a variety of search methods.

How to Find Bids (Solicitations) and Submit Quotes (Respond)

This brief webcast introduces how to locate a bid opportunity within COMMBUYS, how to read a bid opportunity and how to submit a quote within COMMBUYS.  Additional COMMBUYS resources are also explored.