• The Patrick Administration developed the Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) grant program in 2012.  The program encourages and incentivizes regionalization based upon the belief that the most crucial and visible interactions between government and citizens occur locally.  In three years, the program invested $10.25 million in 74 unique projects that involve 242 municipalities across the Commonwealth.  This equates to 69% of the 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth.  Over 3.9 million, or 59%, of the Commonwealth’s population live in municipalities involved in at least one CIC project.

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  • FY 2015 Application and Guideline Documents

    Applications for the fourth round of the CIC program are being accepted through October 10, 2014. 

  • 2014 CIC Grant Program

  • 2013 CIC Grant Program

  • 2012 CIC Grant Program

  • CIC Success Stories

  • CIC Performance Data

  • Municipal Performance, Accountability, and Transparency

    Several projects funded by the CIC program support the development of similar initiatives at the municipal level to  embed performance management best practices and utilize new technologies to improve accountability and increase transparency.  This webpage highlights five such projects.
  • Regionalization Assistance Guide

    The Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) developed a Regionalization Assistance Guide which serves as a directory of programs offered by the Commonwealth to assist municipalities in the development of regional projects.  The Guide includes both technical assistance and grant programs.