The Patrick Administration’s commitment to performance-driven government is evident in the management and oversight of CIC awards.  Each recipient is required to work with the Executive Office for Administration and Finance (EOAF) to develop a contract that includes a measurable goal, actions, and outcome measures to assess whether each project achieved their goals.

Each recipient reports on the completion of deliverables three times during the course of each contract, which generally last for 10 months.  At the completion of their work, recipients file final reports with EOAF.   These final reports include performance data and serve as implementation guides for other interested communities.  Additionally, recipients are required to submit annual reports for three years following the completion of their work, which include data collected towards the outcome measures included in their contracts.

This section features a performance report that includes performance data towards over 225 measures for the 57 projects funded in Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013.  Additionally, the report will include summaries of projects funded in each year of the program, as well as proposed goals and measures for Fiscal Year 2014 projects.

FY14 CIC Performance Report pdf format of FY14 CIC Performance Report
file size 2MB docx format of FY14 CIC Performance Report