1. Complete all parts of the application
  2. Label all attachments clearly
  3. Attach any additional pages at the end of the application
  4. Answer questions as thoroughly as possible
  5. Avoid jargon and acronyms
  6. Be as specific as possible




Q:          What is the timeline for applying?

A:          Applications are due on Friday, November 30, 2012


Q:          When will grant awards be announced?

A:           Grant awards will be announced in January, 2013


Q:          How should applications be submitted?

A:          Applications should be submitted to the following email address: Ideally, applications should be sent in one PDF Document, including answers to each part of the application as well as signed Local Support Documentation Forms.


Q:          Can the Board of Selectmen or school committee chairperson sign the documentation form on behalf of the board?

A:          Yes, provided that the Board voted to support the project, and that the date of the vote is included on the form.


Q:          Is there a page/word limit for grant applications?

A:          No.  Applicants should write what is necessary to make their case and explain the purposes and benefits of their proposal, as well as how the proposal will fit into the purposes of the grant program.  That being said, applications should also not be excessive in length. 


Q:          Can funds be used for a feasibility study?

A:          No.  Funds may be used only for planning and implementation.


Q:          Can funds be used for administrative costs?

A:          Yes, but keep as small as possible to keep focus on the substance of project and be competitive.  


Q:          Can funds be used for grant writing?

A:          No.


Q:          May a municipality receive more than one grant award?

A:          The grant program does not have a specific prohibition against the awarding of more than one grant to the same applicant.


Q:          If an application is awarded a grant, what is the next step?

A:          You will be contacted by the Executive Office for Administration and Finance and you will then work out a project contract.


Q:          What is the timeline for the project?

A:          Projects must be completed before or by December 31, 2013.  However, special consideration may be given to extended timelines for extraordinary projects.  Note if the project timeline is attached as a separate document.


Program Contact:

Tim Dodd
Program Manager
Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Phone: 617-727-2040