The Patrick-Murray Administration is committed in its efforts to safeguard the taxpayers' dollars against fraud, waste and abuse in public assistance programs. To insure that only those truly in need receive funding, we encourage the general public to report evidence of fraud, waste and abuse. The following chart will assist you in determining which agency hotline or website best suits your particular allegation.


Types of Fraud, Waste or Abuse

Hotline Number(s)


Inspector General Report any fraud, waste or abuse in the expenditure of public funds or programs involving the procurement of supplies, services or construction within the
State Auditor

Audit Hotline for state agencies to report variances, shortages, or thefts of funds or property.


Public Assistance Hotline to report any fraud or irregularities in Transitional Assistance, Food Stamps or medical payments, as well as child care benefits.1-800-372-8399
(1-800- FRAUD-99)

Attorney General Fair Labor Helpline - workers'
Insurance Fraud Tip
Insurance & Health Care
Public Inquiry & Assistance Center Hotline
(Consumer Hotline)
MassHealth Fraud Hotline for fraud, waste or abuse in any programs administered by MassHealth (LTC, PCA, etc.)
Public Health Public Health Fraud
Labor & Workforce Development Underground Economy Task Force-report workplace fraud and missclassification

Division of Unemployment
Department of Industrial Accidents1-617-727-4900
Department of Revenue Tax Fraud Hotline1-800-792-5254
Public Employee Retirement Report a fraudulent disability retirement
US Housing and Urban Development OAG Hotline to report fraud, waste or abuse in HUD funded programs1-800-347-3735