From the A&F FY13 Performance Report

Since 2007, the Patrick Administration has worked to make state government more effective, more accountable and more open – and A&F has been at the center of these efforts. It is in keeping with the Governor’s commitment to an unprecedented level of transparency that we issue this report, which has been updated with new data since initially released in September 2013.

This document follows the publication of A&F’s two-year strategic plan, in which we set out: 1) four overarching goals – BETTER FINANCE, BETTER HEALTH CARE, BETTER PERFORMANCE & BETTER GOVERNMENT; 2) our key actions to deliver them; and 3) a set of performance measures to evaluate results.

During the past year, we have made significant progress toward achieving our goals. Governor Patrick has long recognized the need for targeted public investment to grow the economy and provide opportunity. Due to his leadership, new revenues were identified to support transportation infrastructure as well as expand access to early and higher education. The state’s long-term fiscal position has also improved. We ended the fiscal year 2013 by adding $501M in surplus revenues to the state’s stabilization fund, increasing its balance to $1.56B, leaving the Commonwealth with the 3rd largest reserve account in the nation at that time.

In health care, A&F and its affiliated organizations including the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, the Group Insurance Commission and the Health Policy Commission, are leading the way to improve access to high-quality, affordable health care. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we are adding new people to the ranks of the insured in Massachusetts. And with the implementation of our state’s new health care cost containment law and innovative approaches to procuring state health insurance, we are bending the cost curve to sustain our coverage gains.
A&F continues to change the way state government does business – focusing on results and improving transparency. As part of the MassResults Initiative, all eight Secretariats have published performance reports alongside the Governor’s FY15 Budget Recommendation. This is an important first for our state government.

Work to achieve our goals will continue through 2014. We are budgeting for the long-term, aiming to decrease the use of one-time resources supporting the state budget and enact further reforms to make retiree health coverage more sustainable. We will drive health care reforms that ensure access, contain costs and improve quality. We will modernize state operations to make them more efficient and responsive. And we will continue to lead efforts to make government more effective, more accountable and more open. I encourage you to read this report and welcome your feedback.

Glen Shor, Secretary 

Read the current A&F Performance Report pdf format of 2014 Performance Report