A&F is committed to building a Better Commonwealth - our strategic plan sets out four areas of focus to help us do just that: Better Finance, Better Health Care, Better Performance and Better Government.

A Message From Secretary Shor

Secretary Glen Shor

Since 2007, the Patrick Administration has worked to make state government more effective, more accountable and more open – and A&F has been at the center of these efforts. It is in keeping with the Governor’s commitment to an unprecedented level of transparency that we issue this report, which has been updated with new data since initially released in September 2013.

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Our FY13 Performance Report

Our first-ever public performance report provides an update on the progress we have made in delivering our four strategic goals.  

2013 Performance Report
Download our FY13 Performance Report pdf format of 2013 Performance Report 
docx format of 2013 A&F Performance Report

Our Strategic Plan

A&F Agency Strategic Plans and Performance Reports

A&F agencies and affiliated organizations published two-year strategic plans in February 2013.  Their goals align with and support A&F's four overarching goals.  To learn about the progress they have made in executing their strategic plans, you can read their performance reports .

Secretary Shor Talks about Performance Management and Strategic Plans