• Welcome to the Government Innovation Office!

    Check here for the latest in government innovation from Commonwealth agencies.  Visit our blog, Mass Innovation, for a detailed look at individual innovation projects.

  • The Digital Business of State Government

    Congratulations to the winners of the first-ever MassIT Government Innovation Competition! And to all of this year’s MassChallenge winners!

    Through our MassIT Government Innovation Competition, we engaged on a new level with startups to help drive our ongoing work of becoming a truly digital government. The entrepreneurs involved presented an impressive range of products and services.

    This new level of engagement represents an important step forward as we work to advance our innovation agenda.  Looking ahead, we see an even greater opportunity for ongoing engagement with the innovation ecosystem all around us in Massachusetts.

  • Planned Projects to Change How We Do Business

    Innovation requires active eyes and ears of the service creator and user. After months of gathering input from various sources, the Government Innovation Office and the Governor have complied an innovation agenda for the upcoming budget year.  With Commonwealth-wide support, government processes will be continually streamlined to enhance services and save taxpayer dollars.  

  • The Massachusetts Innovation Economy

    Massachusetts is a national leader in manufacturing, biotechnology, and other industries that contribute to a thriving “Innovation Economy.”  Click here to learn about Administration initiatives to create an environment in which innovative industries and companies can thrive and contribute to the high quality of life in Massachusetts.

  • The GIO's 10 A's

    In keeping with his mission to transform state government through innovation, the GIO has developed a set of guiding principles for all government functions.

    The GIO's 10 A's are: 1. Any time, 2. Any where, 3. Any device, 4. Audience specific (...and FAST), 5. Audience engaged, 6. All with "one voice", 7. Apparent, 8. Agile, 9. Alerts, 10. Accessible and open

    For details:

    View the GIO's 10A's with detail and an option to download as an image or WORD document