• iCatalyst is the Commonwealth’s web-based tool used to spark innovation through collaboration.

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    iCatalyst engages a crowd on the cloud using a collaboration tool which emulates features of many popular social media tools. The familiar and easy-to-use interface encourages participants to interact with fellow users. These interactions, coupled with iCatalyst’s analytics, allow Commonwealth agencies to identify and execute transformative ideas from employees and other constituents.


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    Idea Challenges are questions posed to users in order to solve difficult problems, gather information or encourage the crowd to create and share solutions. Community members vote and comment on ideas created by others. The most popular ideas are automatically pushed to the top of a “leaderboard” to be reviewed and vetted by your team. 


    If you want to know more about iCatalyst, watch our 1 minute introductory video below for an overview of the application.

  • A wide variety of agencies have already used (or are planning to use) iCatalyst. For example, OGIO has deployed iCatalyst sites for the Human Resources Division (HRD), the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), the Department of Revenue (DOR), the Division of Banks (DOB) and others.

    The Executive Sponsors of these challenges have been quite favorable regarding the value of iCatalyst.

    “The Innovation Office’s iCatalyst tool provided the Division of Banks with a new approach to obtain staff input and collaborate on the agency’s strategic direction”, said Commissioner of Banks David Cotney.  “I consider the Division’s ‘Ideas Challenge’ a success - 66% of our staff participated and 29 creative ideas were generated.  We look forward to using the iCatalyst tool in the future to engage with the financial industry in the Commonwealth”.

    Paul Dietl, Chief Human Resources Officer, said, “using iCatalyst enabled the HR Community to validate challenges and leverage the voice of the crowd in order to inform strategic planning for HR and to secure funding to enable the implementation of related projects and initiatives.”

    Commissioner Amy Pitter, of the Department of Revenue (DOR), was especially pleased with the functionality that iCatalyst provided. Listen to Commissioner Pitter explain how iCatalyst benefitted her agency in the short video below.

  • If you would like more information about iCatalyst, or are interested in hosting an Idea Challenge, please use the form below to contact the iCatalyst team.