The Zero-Based Budget Comm. Meeting Agenda Nov. 27, 2012  docx format of The Zero-Based Budget Comm. Agenda Nov. 27, 2012


Notice of Public Hearing

The Zero-Based Budget Commission

Tuesday November 27, 2012 3-4:30pm

Room 373, State House; Boston, MA


The Commission’s Goal:

The commission was established by Chapter 165 of the Acts of 2012 to consider and make recommendations concerning the feasibility of transitioning to a zero-based budget for the fiscal year beginning on July 1, 2016.


First Meeting Agenda:


  1.    Introductions and business                            
    • Commission charge
    • Commission schedule
    • Definitions and background

  3.     Current budget practice
  • Incremental budgeting
  • Budget cycle/requirements
  • Pros and cons


  1.     Experiences from other states/governments
  • Zero-based budgeting
  • Program/performance-based budgeting


   4.    Developing a performance-based program budget

  • Status update
  • Plans for January
  • Plans for the future


Following meetings:


  • Second meeting – will be used to review zero-based budgeting, performance-based program budgeting and other approaches to budget development and presentation
  • December 18, 3-4:30pm, here in A&F


  • Third and final meeting – will be used to discuss and agree a package of recommendations that can be submitted to the legislature

January 15, 3-4:30pm, here in A&F