Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA)


Manager/Supervisor:  Manager’s Dashboard



Important Reminders:


Navigating to the Manager Dashboard

As a supervisor or manager, you use the SSTA Manager Dashboard to approve employees’ reported time.   





Log in to SSTA using your user ID (employee ID) and password.



In the blue menu box, click the COMMONWEALTH OF MA link.


Note:  In the middle of the page, a listing of folders and links appears.



In the middle of the page, click the MANAGER DASHBOARD link.


Note:  The DASHBOARD SUMMARY page displays.


Some columns on this page are for your use, and some are for your agency human resources or payroll department or for the MassHR Employee Service Center. 


Approving Time from the Dashboard:

The Manager Dashboard summarizes time reporting data submitted by your employees.  To review and approve time, use links on the Dashboard to visit each employee’s EMPLOYEE DETAIL VIEW page.





On the DASHBOARD SUMMARY page, in the NAME column, click the first employee name.


Note:  The EMPLOYEE DETAIL VIEW for the selected employee displays.



To approve time, managers must review the following:


For Employees with Punch Timesheets:

o   REPORTED versus SCHEDULED hours

o   DAY Column

o   DATE Column

o   IN Column

o   MEAL OUT Column

o   MEAL IN Column

o   OUT Column

o   TRC Column

o   DAILY HOURS Column


Note:  If applicable, shift differential and weekend differential will calculate automatically for a punch timesheet employee based on the employee’s IN and OUT times. 


For employees with Reported Timesheets:

o   REPORTED versus SCHEDULED hours

o   DAY Column

o   DATE Column

o   TRC  Column

o   DAILY HOURS columns and rows for each day of the week.



Review the first row of time reporting data.  For the row, ensure that the total reported hours match the total scheduled hours for the employee. 



If the totals match, to select the applicable row for approval, in the SELECT REPORTED TIME column, click the checkbox.



For every other row of the employee’s time reporting data, review and as appropriate, click the checkbox to select the row.  



When finished reviewing all rows for the employee, click the APPROVE REPORTED button. 


A dialog box asks if you are sure you want to approve the time selected.  Once the page is saved, the time cannot be unapproved.



Click OK to approve or click CANCEL not to save the approval. 


Note:  A SAVE CONFIRMATION message appears, signaling that the save was successful. 



Click OK to acknowledge the confirmation.


Note:  You are returned to the EMPLOYEE DETAIL VIEW.



Navigate to the next employee by clicking the NEXT EMPLOYEE LINK at the top of the page.  



Review and approve the next employee’s time reporting data by repeating Steps 2 through 8.



Last Updated: 5/16/2013