Survey Results



During the Winter and Spring of 2012 the Human Resource Division (HRD) worked with the MassHR Project team to launch the MassHR Survey. The survey was open to all 45,000 Executive Department and the Office of the Comptroller employees*.  In addition to the online survey, approximately 8,000 paper surveys were distributed for those employees without access to computers.  We are pleased to share that the survey response rate was 20%, which is considered quite good.


Much time and effort has gone into the analysis of the survey and our response to meet the needs of our employees.  Here are the key findings and how they are driving the MassHR 5-year Workforce Enhancement Roadmap.


How our employees are committed to the priorities of the organization:

       The majority of employees are committed/supportive to the priorities of their work unit, which is to be expected because these are the people they work with every day.

       Managers tend to respond somewhat stronger in this area than non-managers, which is also to be expected considering their role in the organization.

       People generally want to know more about the priorities of their work unit, Agency, and Secretariat.


How our employees feel about training and development opportunities in their organization:

       Employees at all levels within the Executive Departments expressed a strong desire for more training and development opportunities, including support from Managers/Supervisors to attend training when offered.

       Programs to strengthen development for the general workforce are desired, but also specifically for Managers and Supervisors.

       Availability and depth of training  and development opportunities differs greatly across the Secretariats and Agencies.


How employees feel about their jobs and how they are treated in their organization:

       Employees would like to see more recognition when they are successful.

       Employees would like to feel more respected for the hard work they do every day.

       An overwhelming majority of employees indicate individuals of diverse background are welcome in the organization.


How work gets done in the Commonwealth:

       People believe improving efficiency is part of their every day job.

       Employees recognize the importance of following standard work processes and policy compliance, but would like the opportunity to see more variety and creativity in how they accomplish their work, when appropriate.

       Partnership and collaboration between levels and across teams is viewed as important to achieving success in the work being done.


How managers and leaders are viewed in the Commonwealth:

       Across the Executive Departments, Managers are consistently recognized as playing key roles in communication, development, and performance improvement.

       Managers are viewed as accurate and reliable sources of information, and provide employees what they need to accomplish their jobs, however they do not always provide a consistent level of constructive feedback.

       Employees desire clear and compelling leadership and would like more opportunities to provide ideas to leaders in their organizations, especially in the way their organization is run.


These results send a clear message from employees that we should increase opportunities for training and development, foster respect, demonstrate compelling and transparent leadership, and enhance support for performance management activities. 


MassHR supports growth in all of these areas through the launch of our Workforce Enhancement Program.


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*MassDOT was not included in the MassHR Survey as they conducted their own engagement survey.