Get Ready for Self-Service Time and Attendance


I am pleased to announce that our agency (or department) will be implementing of Self-Service Time and Attendance on (date)! 


I wanted to provide you some basic information about MassHR and the Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA) implementation to date. The MassHR initiative kicked off in the fall of 2011 with three key objectives:


MassHR has focused on implementing new technology and processes to streamline and standardize time reporting and time approval across the Commonwealth. To date, approximately 40,000 employees in agencies and colleges statewide have moved to reporting and approving time online.


In addition to the SSTA system, MassHR launched the MassHR Employee Services Center (ESC). The ESC provides centralized customer service and employee support for time and attendance for the agencies they support.


As we prepare to go live with SSTA, you will receive a series of email messages that will provide you with important information about SSTA. You will learn about the features and benefits of SSTA, including how you will enter your time, and where to get training on using the system.


I ask that you make the time to read these messages and learn about Self-Service Time and Attendance.


The MassHR website has been developed as a resource to employees. Please visit http://www.mass.gov/masshr for more information.