Reporting Time with Self-Service Time and Attendance (ePostcard #2)

Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA) is new technology for reporting time. You will start using Self-Service Time and Attendance beginning (date). With SSTA you will report and submit your time online in an online timesheet, or will clock in and out via a Time Collection Device (TCD). Once you submit your time, your supervisor (i.e., time approver) will review and approve your time online. No more paper timesheets! 

Reporting your time is easy! Here is what you can expect.

Online Time Entry

The steps to enter time in your online timesheet are easy!

1.    Login to the SSTA website

2.    Review and make any changes to your pre-populated schedule, including reporting vacation, sick or personal time

3.    Click Submit!


As an added benefit, with SSTA, you may view your leave balances, including Vacation, Personal, Sick, and Comp Time (if you are eligible to receive Comp Time) on your online timesheet in real time. Simply login and view your timesheet. Your balances are located at the bottom of the page.


Reporting Leave Time on a Time Collection Device


Time Collection Device (TCD) users will report leave time on the TCD.


To report leave time via TCD, you will:

1.    Access the system using a badge or biometric reader

2.    Navigate to the Leave Time screen

3.    Select the type of leave you would like to take (sick, vacation, etc.)

4.    Enter the desired date (the system will default to today’s date)

5.    Enter the number of hours of leave

6.    Push the “S1” button to save your entry


Online Learning for All Employees

Comprehensive online learning courses and supplemental job aids for both employees and time approvers are available now!  Visit www.mass.gov/masshr/training to get started.