SSTA Time Reporting Details: Reporting Leave Time and Prior Pay Period Adjustments (ePostcard #3)

Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA) puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to reporting time!

Reporting Leave Time on an Online Timesheet

With SSTA you can enter leave time directly onto your timesheet. A list of Time Reporting Codes (TRCs), including SIC (Sick Time Paid - Normal), VAC (Vacation Leave – Paid) and PER (Personal Leave – Paid), is available in a drop down list on your timesheet to make it easy. Be sure to follow your existing leave time pre-approval process.

To enter leave time you will need to:

1.    Login to the SSTA website

2.    Scroll down your online timesheet to confirm your leave balances

3.    Edit your timesheet information for the day on which you took leave, entering the number of hours of leave and selecting the correct Time Reporting Code (TRC) from the drop down list.

4.    Click submit!


Once you click submit, you will be asked to certify that your reported time is accurate. Remember, with SSTA your leave balances are updated in real time on your timesheet. View your leaves balances at the bottom of the timesheet page.

Reporting Leave Time on a Time Collection Device


Time Collection Device (TCD) users will report leave time on the TCD.


To report leave time via TCD, you will:

1.    Access the system using a badge

2.    Navigate to the Leave Time screen

3.    Select the type of leave you would like to take (sick, vacation, etc.)

4.    Enter the desired date (the system will default to today’s date)

5.    Enter the number of hours of leave

6.    Push the “S1” button to save your entry



Making Prior Pay Period Adjustments           

With SSTA, you can adjust your reported time up to one pay period in the past. This feature makes correcting timesheet inaccuracies easy.

To make an adjustment you will need to:

1.    Login to the SSTA website

2.    Click “Previous Week” to navigate to the relevant date(s)

3.    Make the desired change to your timesheet, updating hours or Time Reporting Codes

4.    Click Submit!


Keep in mind your time approver will need to approve any changes to your timesheet.


Please Note: Punch time employees who report time via time collection devices (TCDs) have view-only access to their online timesheet and will not be able to make prior pay period adjustments themselves. TCD users may call the MassHR Employee Service Center to request a prior pay period adjustment.


Online Learning for All Employees

Comprehensive online learning courses and supplemental job aids for both employees and time approvers are available now!  Visit www.mass.gov/masshr/training to get started.