Coaching, Evaluating and Delivering Constructive Feedback Learning Series Introduction


Learning Series Introduction

November 15, 2012

We are pleased to introduce the Coaching, Evaluating and Delivering Constructive Feedback Learning Series for Commonwealth Managers.  This virtual series is one of many offerings we have developed in our effort to increase professional development opportunities for all Commonwealth employees.  Specifically, this series was created to equip you with real-world knowledge and tools to enhance your ability to effectively coach, evaluate, and deliver ongoing feedback to your direct reports.

Why Coaching?

This series was developed to respond to a direct request from Commonwealth employees.  As part of the MassHR Survey initiative, interviews and focus groups were conducted with employees from various Agencies and Departments.  We heard a consistent theme that coaching skills were identified as an area of development for managers and supervisors.

Why a Virtual Learning Series?

Coaching, Evaluating and Delivering Constructive Feedback was designed to deliver valuable professional development tools and information in a convenient, timely manner. Short, periodic emails and supporting activities were developed with your busy schedule in mind. The topics in this series will help you enhance your skills as a manager, supervisor and coach.

How do I Participate?

Next week, you will receive the first email in the series.  There is no need to opt-in or take any additional steps.  You will automatically receive each email in the series.  There are 13 emails in the series, distributed once a month for 13 months. Each email covers a unique coaching topic and will take about 15 minutes to read initially.  Most emails will provide additional opportunities to reinforce what you learn, including job aids, worksheets, knowledge checks, discussion groups, and panel discussions.  No participation is required, but full participation is recommended to completely engage with the topic and gain the most value from the series.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the series, please email

Thanks for your public service to the Commonwealth, and your continued interest in professional development.


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