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  • Annual Report FY 2016 - Section 1

    The mission of the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) is to provide high-value health insurance and other benefits to Commonwealth of Massachusetts employees, retirees, and their survivors and dependents.  The GIC also covers housing and redevelopment authorities as well as certain municipalities that elect to join the GIC.  The agency works with vendors selected through competitive bidding to offer cost-effective benefits produced with careful plan design and rigorous ongoing management.  

  • Annual Report FY 2016 - Section 2

    Changing seasons is particularly appropriate for this Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report with the major transformations that took place during the past year.  The GIC’s Executive Director, Dolores L. Mitchell, retired after more than 29 years at the helm.  She had a long track record of innovation and advocacy for the agency and was synonymous with the agency itself.  This change led to an important time for the Commission which took a step back to define its mandate and to choose its next leader.  We were well served in the interim by Ray Campbell, one of our former commissioners, who did a masterful job of bridging the leadership change while helping staff undergoing its own turnover with the transition.​

  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 3

    Summer Breeze Makes me feel fine.

      • Centered Care Initiative
      • Clinical Performance Improvement Initiative
  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 4

    It's all part of my Autumn Almanac.

      • Employer Group Waiver Plan
  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 5

    Autumn Almanac continued

      • Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Reporting
  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 6

    And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.

      • Long Time Executive Director Retires
      • A New Executive Director
  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 7

    Hazy Shade of Winter continued

      • Regulations Reform
      • Philanthropy and Support of Supplier Diversity
      • Comings and Goings
      • Audit Vendor
  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 8

    Here comes the sun and I say it's alright.

      • Deductible and Flexible Spending Account Transition to Fiscal Year
      • Benefit changes were primarily enhancements
      • Life Insurance Vendor
      • Vision Carrier
      • Information Technology Upgrades
      • Collaboration
  • Annual Report FY 2016 – Section 9

    Sit Tight, Take Hold, Thunder Road

    Together we weather the storms ahead while providing quality benefits at reasonable costs to our members and to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • 10 Key Elements of Centered Care

    The GIC’s Centered Care program holds our health plans to lower costs and improved health care over a five-year period.  In addition to keeping premiums in check, find out about the 10 key elements of this initiative.

  • Annual Report FY 2016 - Financial and Trend Reports

    Financial and Trend Reports including Revenue, Expenditures, Enrollment and cost per capita.

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