Statement of Expenditures FY13 xls format of FY13_statementofexpenditures.xls
– Statement of expenditures for the Commonwealth and enrollees FY2013

Statement of Revenue FY13 xls format of FY13_statementofrevenue.xls
– Sources of revenue FY2013

Revenues and Expenditures FY13 xls format of FY13revenues_expenditures_summary.xls
– Summary of revenues and expenditures FY2013

Rate Stabilization and Trust Fund Reserve Statements xls format of FY13stabilizationreserve_trustfund.xls
– Rate Stabilization Reserve Statement FY2013 and Employees’ Trust Fund Statement

FY13 Enrollment by Plan Type xls format of FY13_enrollment_by_plantype.xls
– Health Plan Membership by Insured Status FY2013

FY13 Enrollment xls format of FY13_enrollment_byplan.xls
– Enrollment for active employees and retirees/survivors by plan type FY2013

Cost Per Capita FY09-FY13 xls format of FY13plan_cost_percapita.xls
– Change in cost per capita by plan type FY09-FY13

Cost Per Subscriber FY09-FY13 xls format of FY13_plancost_per_subscriber.xls
– Change in cost per subscriber by plan type FY09-FY13

Change in Total Costs FY09-FY13 xls format of FY09_FY13_changein_totalcost.xls
– Change in out-of-pocket costs and premiums FY09-FY13

Cost Per Enrollees vs. Other Benchmarks xls format of FY13_change_in_cost_per_enrollee_vs_otherbenchmarks.xls
– The GIC Average Cost per Enrollee compared with the National Average and CPI (inflation) FY09-FY13

Revenue Offsets FY13 ppt format of FY13_GIC_revenueoffsets.ppt
– GIC expenditures and reimbursements by source for FY13

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .