Moving health care delivery to new payment models is a major undertaking and will not be easy to execute.  Some doctors and hospitals are more willing than others to embrace these kinds of payment models.  Some providers will dig in their heels about making changes, not only in new payment models, but also about increasing patient access through expanded hours and means of communication, adopting electronic medical records, and improving collaboration with Primary Care Providers.  The GIC’s health plans are feeling pressure from these providers and are also working through the competing demands of federal health care reform.

The GIC has gone out on a limb with the Centered Care Initiative and will continue our bold efforts to change care delivery through its implementation.  Through a steady commitment to improving communication with providers, our plans, and members, we will begin gathering the fruit of better coordinated care and cost efficiency. 

The Centered Care Initiative will take center stage, but we will also continue work on the next steps of federal health care reform, including implementing new Notices of Exchange and finding ways to mitigate new assessments.  The GIC will continue to expand our use of social media and our innovation in online member access, rolling out the MyGIC self-service website.  And, work is underway to assist new MBTA union and municipal members join the GIC’s health coverage.

It’s an exciting time in health care and the GIC is ready to fly!  We look forward to continuing our work in positively affecting the health care marketplace, our members, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts residents.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .